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Medical cannabis is just that – medicine.  It’s important that you take care when storing it no matter what.  Not only is this product potentially harmful in the wrong hands, but you want your medical cannabis to remain fresh and potent for as long as possible.

Keep reading for helpful information from INDIVA about how to store your dry medical cannabis or cannabis extracts. 

Note: medical cannabis edibles should be stored in accordance with the general food safety rules.

Keeping your medical cannabis fresh and effective

When you receive your medical cannabis order from your LP, the medicine will arrive contained in packaging that has been designed specifically for this purpose.  The packaging will keep odours from leaking out and will provide an air/moisture tight seal to ensure your product arrives in perfect condition.

Once opened this packaging may become damaged or may not provide the best option for storing your medical cannabis long-term.  However, medical cannabis ordered from INDIVA arrives inside re-useable packaging.

How to choose a medical cannabis container

There are several important features that should be included in any container you’re thinking about using to store your medicine in. The interior surface of the container should be smooth and made of a non-conductive material.  This is to reduce the amount of trichomes that are broken or rubbed off as the medical cannabis is moved around inside the container.  The trichomes can be seen as dusty powder which accumulates on the sides or bottom of a container.  These trichomes house the valuable cannabinoids and terpenes. This is also a big reason why many LP’s original shipping containers may not be the best long-term storage solution.

When looking for a suitable container, rule out anything that could build up static electricity, or isn’t smooth on the inside.  Any container you consider must also have a secure, air-tight lid.  Metals should not be used as they can be conductive.  Paper, Kleenex or tin foil should also be avoided as they can extract trichomes and oils from the cannabis.  There are lots of suitable container types available at grocery stores, hardware stores, dollar stores or of course, at your local head shop.

Another aspect that is important when it comes to choosing a cannabis container, is size.  The size of your container should vary depending on the amount of cannabis you wish to keep inside.  The less air (empty space) the better, as too much air will cause premature drying of your cannabis.  For larger quantities of medical cannabis, it’s best to keep a daily supply separate from the larger quantity to avoid exposing it all to air repeatedly.

To recap, your container should feature:

  • Low conductivity material
  • Opaque
  • Secure lid
  • Correct size
  • Low or no conductivity

Also, if the lid to your container is not secure, air will be able to enter and dry out your cannabis.  As a general rule of thumb, if you can smell the cannabis, the container is not airtight.  Dry cannabis has the tendency to burn irregularly, taste bad and be less potent than fresh material.

Where should you store your cannabis?

Now that you have your medical cannabis stored inside a proper container, the next question is where do you keep it?  Medical cannabis should always be stored in a dry, cool place, where it can sit undisturbed.  Keep the cannabis away from moisture and out of direct sunlight.  Remember, this is your medicine, so keep it out of reach and out of sight from others, especially young children.  Be mindful not to store your medical cannabis near a heat source to avoid drying.

What is the best temperature to store your medical cannabis?

Finding a storage spot that has low humidity and consistent (cool) temperature is ideal.  Cannabis is best stored in colder temperatures.  Freezers are a good spot for larger quantities but be mindful not to move the container around too much.  This is because trichomes become brittle and will break off if the cannabis is moved.  There are specifically designed cannabis freezers available but these aren’t necessary, provided you can keep from moving your stored cannabis.  Your refrigerator on the other hand is not an ideal place.  The temperature and moisture inside the fridge tends to fluctuate and can cause storage issues.  Storing your medical cannabis near heat or in a warm area can have the effect of drying out your flower and losing its valuable potency.  It should be noted that storing your medical cannabis inside a container that is not airtight can expose your medicine to air which will dry it out, or moisture, which can cause it to mold and become dangerous.

The best place to store your cannabis is cool, dry and out of sight from prying eyes.  It may also be a good idea to order only what you will be consuming in the short-term.  That way, drying and loss of potency won’t be as big an issue.

Choose the correct container and a suitable place to store your medical cannabis and your medicine will remain most effective at taking care of you.