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/ September 7, 2016/ Financial

Different Styles of Online Learning for Jewish Schools

There are different types of online learning options, and time is their one criterion. There is such that learning is accessible at all times and there is another with real live people teaching. Both programs has its own benefits which are discussed below.

Students of Jewish day schools can now opt to learn through online learning programs as part of their academic program. Including online options for their education was influenced primarily by cost savings, staffing considerations, and technology integration. There are also different online educational programs that are available. Since students’ needs differ from one another, the online programs also cater to these different needs. It is thus important that those who provide education for students know the options that are available and how to select the programs appropriate for the students.

The two different online learning options that we mentioned above are the ones to be discussed here. One option is self-paced and prerecorded lessons which students can access online and proceed through the materials at their own pace. This is beneficial because they are low in cost and the student can start and stop at anytime convenient to them. In this type of online learning, there is a vast list of available courses so that even for a specialty subject, there is material available. The functionality of being able to access the progress and marks of enrolled students at any time by school teachers and administration is very beneficial for the school.
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There are also problems to this type of online learning. The students who experience success in this type of learning environment are mostly the self motivated students. There are success problems for students who are less motivated. There is no personalized instruction for these types of programs. Because of this, no one provides assistance to a student who needs help.
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Success with this type of learning program have been reported by many Jewish schools. The blended learning technique have been used by some Jewish high schools where they incorporated online learning with classroom learning. It is said to be a perfect fit in the blended learning environment. Teachers provide assistance to their students’ online courses if they need help. If students request help from teachers, they are provided with it even for courses that are not part … Read more ...